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ABA Therapy Resources

Welcome to Encore Pediatrics’ blog. We aim to share valuable ABA therapy resources and will feature articles written by the experts at Encore Pediatrics to provide in-depth insights and advice on topics such as how ABA therapy works, what it can be used to treat, and how it can be beneficial for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental needs.

This blog may also share success stories and real-life experiences of children who have undergone ABA therapy in order to provide a more personal and relatable perspective on the treatment. In addition to providing informative content, the blog may also offer a community for individuals interested in ABA therapy to connect with us.

Learn more about Encore Pediatrics’ approach to ABA therapy by clicking here if you are a parent/caregiver or interested in a career with us.

For more information on ABA therapy and Autism, please visit Autism Speaks.

About Encore Pediatrics

Encore Pediatrics provides ABA therapy for children of all ages with experienced, skilled therapists and supportive management staff who consider each child’s unique needs. Our goal at Encore Pediatrics is to improve the child’s overall function and independence.

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