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Help with Autism – ABA Therapy

Do You Think Your Child has Autism and Needs Help?

At Encore Pediatrics, we offer children and families help with Autism through Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA therapy services. Whether you already have a formalized diagnosis and have had ABA therapy before, or if you are still trying to figure out where to begin, Encore Pediatrics can help. An easy first step to take is to try an M-CHAT. This simple screening tool can help you decide if a formalized diagnosis makes sense.

Encore Pediatrics has a three- or four-person team to support your family throughout your journey and ensure you receive the best service and treatment.

Therapy takes place in a child’s natural environment and focuses on revealing pathways for learning and development.

Every Case Needs a Team

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs)

BCBAs are specifically trained and certified to perform behavioral interventions. A BCBA is the primary clinician involved in your child’s plan. They will work directly with you and your child and make a plan for how to overcome any challenges or impact any goals.

Behavior Technicians

Behavior Technicians work under the direction of the BCBA. They will spend a lot of time with your child, building trust and understanding how to keep them motivated. As treatment begins, the Behavior Technician will implement the BCBA’s plan and record information on successes or failures.

Client Advocates

Client Advocates are trained to support you in obtaining coverage and the necessary paperwork. They also oversee your case and ensure everything is progressing.

Additional Clinical

These services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and developmental therapy/ developmental hearing specialist (DT-H)

This multi-person team works together throughout therapy, adjusting the plan to suit your child best.

Patient Intake


Encore Pediatrics is dedicated to providing Clinicians and Behavior Technicians with a superior employment experience. Our team has years of experience in developing ABA platforms and has come together to create a company which understands how challenging and rewarding this field can be.

We want to hear from you! Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time, and are seeking to:

  • Provide exceptional ABA Therapy services
  • Elevate your career into leadership
  • Enhance your clinical acumen
  • OR – Drive the field forward through research

Click here to learn more about careers in ABA therapy with Encore Pediatrics.

Job Opportunities

How Do I Get Started?

We can help get your child covered for ABA therapy.

Sometimes the hardest part is the paperwork, and Encore Pediatrics is the EXPERTS at sorting through the details.

ABA therapy is approved and covered by most major insurance carriers and Medicaid.

When you call Encore Pediatrics, you will speak with a Client Advocate who is trained to help you on your journey. Whether you need a diagnosis or are transferring from another company, we can help get everything squared away.

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